About Linköping

About Linköping


The charm lies in its size. Big enough to have nearly everything, small enough to have it all to hand. Linköping is quite simply a little big city. With 152,000 inhabitants, Linköping is Sweden’s fifth largest city. Top world-class technology, an innovative thinking University, an environmental cluster at the cutting edge and one of Sweden’s fastest growing municipalities – Linköping is the city where ideas become reality.


We Linköping residents prefer to get around the city on foot or cycling, as we have everything close by. Hotels are located close to restaurants, which are located near shops, which are close to Stångån for strolling with a short walk to the theatre, yes you see the city is all within walking distance.



Linköping is the region’s commercial centre with vibrant districts such as Tornby as well as the city’s downtown. Tornby is Sweden’s second largest commercial district in terms of sales.


Restaurant Life

Linköping offers a broad and tasty selection of kitchens with influences from every corner of the world. We are especially proud of our own Östgöta cuisine. Our city is beautifully situated amid the fertile plains of Östergötland which yields high quality produce. Linköping offers a wide variety of centrally located restaurants and cafés.


Historic Linköping

Linköping was originally an old medieval town which was always the administrative centre of the district. There are still parts of the medieval street network preserved around Stora Torget, Tannerforsgatan, St Korsgatan and Ågatan.


Linköping Cathedral is, after Uppsala Cathedral, Sweden’s largest and best preserved medieval church building. The first stone church, a Roman basilica, commenced construction in the 1120s and was completed for the General Synod of 1153. On the site of the stone church there was believed to be an earlier wooden church and excavation has confirmed that Christian graves from the 1000s have been found. The church has subsequently been extended over several centuries and was completed around 1500, with a separate clock tower.


Stora Torget (Main Square) has throughout time been a natural meeting place and it was here that the five councillors were executed by beheading, as a result of the Battle of Stångebro in 1598 – the Linköping Bloodbath.


Just a small walk from the city center you will find Gamla Linköping. In this open-airmuseum you experience life in a small Swedish city a hundred or more years ago. In the Old Town neighbourhood you will find wooden houses, cobblestone alleys, gardens and many museums. Here too are shops and crafts, a restaurant and café.

Linköping have so much more to offer, visit http://visitlinkoping.se/en/start to find out more.


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