Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission

Abstracts will only be accepted though the online abstract submission system, which will be available on November 10, 2016. The deadline for submission is January 10, 2017.




The abstract will consist of two parts: the extended abstract and the summary:


1.The extended abstract can be up to 2 A4 pages, and must follow the extended abstract template available below for download. Please download the template here (Word .docx format). Save the completed extended abstract as a .pdf for submission. Note: only .pdf files will be accepted in the online submission process.



2.The summary will be maximum 1600 character overview of the extended abstract. This should be written in as plain text as possible, with no references or figures. This summary will be pasted into a text submission box during the submission procedure.


Abstract submission closes on January 10, 2017 by midnight GMT. All abstracts should be submitted by this date. Authors will be notified of acceptance of their contributions and the type of presentation (oral or poster) by February 10, 2017.


It is important to note that the authors are solely responsible copy-editing and formatting their abstract documents. The accepted abstracts will be published as received, and any errors in formatting, spelling, grammar, or scientific content will not be corrected. If you have any technical difficulties with the submission process, please contact the organizing committee at cvdald17.abstract@meetagain.se. Other questions about the conference can be directed to henrik.pedersen@liu.se.


The scientific committee will vet the submitted abstracts, and notify the submitting author about the acceptance decision. Accepted abstracts will further be assigned as an oral or poster presentation according to the scientific committee’s decision. The two page abstract will appear in an electronic collection of abstracts distributed to the conference attendees during registration. The 1600-character summary will be published in the conference booklet. Publication of both the extended abstract and summary is contingent on registration of the submitting author.


Presenters will be notified about the scientific committee's decision by email.


Poster format : Maximum width 90 cm











































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