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CVD-literature overview of metal-organic and organometallic precursors as inspiration for the Atomic Layer Deposition of Gold Marcel Junige


New Precursors for the Deposition of Calcium Sulfide Based Materials via AA-CVD

Peter Kubiak


Oxidative control over SnO and SnS depositionAndrew Johnson

New organometallic silver precursors for Aerosol Assisted CVD Carmen Jimenez


Silicon epitaxial growth rate increased by adding SiHx to a SiHCl3-H2 system

Hitoshi Habuka


Optimization of ALD processes using computational fluid dynamics simulations

Linda Jäckel


Simulating CVD with the DICTRA homogenization model

Axel Forslund


Experimental investigation and CFD-based analysis of an ALD reactor depositing alumina from TMA and water

G.P. Gakis


Modelling of CVD growth using kinetic Monte Carlo methods

Karl Rönnby


Thermodynamics and kinetics in sensor devices.Edvin Erdtman

Adsorption and diffusion of hydrocarbons at the silicon faced 4H-SiC surface studied by quantum-chemical calculations

Emil Kalered


The automatic system of experimental design using bio-inspired algorithms for the development of chemical vapor deposition process

Takahiro Takahashi


The calculation method of deposition profiles in chemical vapor deposition reactors using improved basis functions

Takahiro Takahashi


A combinatorial effect of substrate and surface terminating species on phase pure growth of c-BN

Karin Larsson


Slim vertical chemical vapour deposition reactor utilizing natural convection for Minimal Manufacturing

Hitoshi Habuka


Atmospheric spatial ALD process for enhanced hybrid organic-inorganic multilayer barrier thin films

Kyung-Hyun Choi


A novel direct liquid injection low pressure chemical vapor deposition system (DLI-LPCVD) for the deposition of thin films and nanoparticles

Mattias Vervaele


Vapor phase grafting of mesoporous magnesium carbonate: The case of (3-Aminopropyl)triethoxysilane and (3-Aminopropyl)trimethoxysilane

Cecilia Århammar


Horizontal high temperature rotating graphite drum furnace for ALD and LPCVD on particles and powdersJonas Sundqvist

PE-ALD of lithium aluminum silicon oxide solid electrolyte layers using LiHMDS

Andreas Werbrouck


Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of nickel oxide thin films

Alexander G. Hufnagel


Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition of Poly (hexafluorobutyl acrylate) Thin Films for Superhydrophobic Modification of Nanostructured Textile Surfaces

Mustafa Karaman


Vapor Deposition of Poly(glycidyl methacrylate) Thin Films Using A Remote Initiated CVD System

Mustafa Karaman


(100) Textured diamond films composed of needle-like single crystallites

Rinat Ismagilov


Cu barrier properties of SiCN films deposited by hot-wire chemical vapor deposition

Akira Izumi


Influence of plasma parameters on the growth and properties of Al2O3 thin films deposited by atomic layer deposition at 90 °C

Zhen Zhu


Ga amide: the resurrection towards new functional materials

Richard O'Donoghue


Inductively Coupled Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Crosslinked Poly (2- diisopropylamino)ethyl methacrylate

Zahide Tosun


Low Temperature Halide Free Metal Nitride Deposition and Effect of Periodic Plasma Treatments

Petri Raisanen


RF Plasma Electrostatics for the Removal of Residual Carbon and Hydrocarbons During Thin Film Growth

K. S. A. Butcher


Peculiarities of dynamics of graphene domains isothermal growth on Ni and Cu foils in low pressure CVD processesSergey Futko

Fe2O3–TiO2 nanocomposite systems by a hybrid PE-CVD/ALD route: growth, characterization and photocatalytic applications

Chiara Maccato


Au-catalyzed synthesis and structural characterization of core/shell Ge/In-Te nanowires by MOCVD

Claudia Wiemer


Low-temperature synthesis and properties of h-BN nanowalls with different structure

Ivan S. Merenkov


ALD oxidation barrier for Cu and Fe powderVeronique Cremers

Morphological, structural and tribocorrosion behaviour of TiO2 MOCVD coating on Ti substrates with different morphology

Francesca Visentin


AACVD of Nanostructured Zinc OxideRussell Binions*

Formation of tungsten and molybdenum disulfide micro and nanoparticles by spray pyrolysis

Kirill Tiurikov


Nano-ceramic composite separator modified by ALD for lithium ion batteries of improved safety and reliability

Riina Ritasalo


Nanocomposite ferromagnetic SiCxNy films: structure and magnetic properties

Roman Pushkarev


Enhanced efficiency of self-organized TiO2 nanotube layers films due to secondary materials: towards applications

Raul Zazpe


Improving the stability of impregnated Solid Oxide Fuel Cell electrodes using Atomic Layer DepositionDenis Cumming

Ln3+ activated CaF2 thin films: MOCVD synthesis and their energy conversion properties

Anna Lucia Pellegrino


Deposition features of fluoropolymer coatings by Hot Wire CVD method using nichrome filament activator

Alexey Safonov


Integration of CuCrO2 thin film grown by Aerosol-Assisted MOCVD in core shell ZnO nanowire heterostructure for UV photodetectors

Joao Resende


Atomic layer deposition for membranes applications

Mikhael Bechelany


ALD prepared transition metal oxides core-shell nanocomposites for photocatalytic, gas sensing and electrochromic applications

Stefan Boyadjiev


Process development of ALD and CVD of MoOx and MoS2 employing Mo(CO)6

Linnart Zähr


New Applications with Graphene on Flexible Paper Substrate



Preparation of Co-Cu oxides for low temperature applications

Zhen-Yu Tian


CVD-made Co-Fe spinels: synthesis, characterization and applications for the environmental emission control

Zhen-Yu Tian


Electron transfer processes in potassium atom collisions with ruthenium and rhodium precursors

Khrystyna Regeta


In Situ Infrared Spectroscopic Study on Liquid Delivery Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition of Lanthanum Manganite Films

Toshihiro Nakamura


"In situ" study of size distribution of MoS2 particles formed by spray pyrolysis

Maxim Mishin


Growth mechanism studies of CuInS2 thin films deposited by Atomic Layer Deposition



Visualizing the incipient Atomic Layer Deposition of ZnO ultra thin films on InGaAs for tailoring contact resistivity

Evgenii SKOPIN


New single-source precursors for LPCVD synthesis of amorphous hard SiBCN films

Ivan S. Merenkov


CVD grown Al-TiN multi-layer wear protection coatings: structural analysis of the layers

Dirk Stiens


Low temperature titanium nitride ALD: low resistivity by use of ultra-high purity hydrazine

Daniel Alvarez


Improved mechanical properties of MT-CVD-Ti(C,N) by deposition controlled orientation

Linus von Fieandt


Chemical vapor deposition of silicon carbide from CH3SiCl3/H2 mixtures and alternative gas systems

Guillaume Laduye


Carburization of CVD-WN coatings

Johan Gerdin


PEALD and pulsed CVD of cobalt thin films using cyclopentadienylcobalt dicarbonyl as a precursor

Christoph Hossbach


Compatibility of MOCVD Cu metallization with polymer pretreatments developed for other deposition processes



Determining absolute mechanical properties of thin films from continuous stiffness measurement data of nanoindentation of ALD oxides and their nanolaminates

Taivo Jõgiaas











































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