Program Tuesday

Program Tuesday, June 13

Main Session III (Crusellhallen, Chair: Henrik Pedersen)

09.00-09.30 Topographical and area selectivity in atomic layer deposition

Stacey Bent


09.30-09.45 Selective growth of graphene by chemical vapour deposition on Cu-Ni alloy patterns

Hyung Gyu Park


09.45-10.00 Evaluation of different nanoimprint resists for a use in area-selective atomic layer deposition of selected materials

Christoph Hossbach


10.00-10.15 Vapour phase self-assembled monolayers for ALD blocking on 300 mm wafer scale

Sebastiaan Herregods


Main Session IV (Crusellhallen, Chair: Henrik Pedersen)

10.45-11.15 Extending ALD adoption in Sub-14nm Nodes, and Beyond Semiconductors, Through Precursors Innovation

Nicolas Blasco


11.15-11.30 AlN as an effective capping and buffer layer for MOCVD grown GdN thin films: Influence on the oxidation and crystallinty of GdN

Stefan Cwik


11.30-11.45 Novel ALD process based on an organic reductant for in situ deposition of metallic copper thin films

Tripurari Sharan Tripathi


11.45-12.00 Plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of silver using the Ag(fod)(PEt₃)-precursor and NH₃-plasma

Matthias Minjauw


New Precursors (Crusellhallen, Chair: Greg Girolami)

13.00-13.15 Manganese half-sandwich compounds as MOCVD precursors for Manganese-based thin films

Andrea Preuß


13.15-13.30 Molecular engineering of zinc and iron precursors for spinel type zinc ferrites

Sebastian Beer


13.30-13.45 Using Amides for the CVD of Gallium Nitride: A Calculational and Experimental Study

Sydney Buttera


13.45-14.00 Thermal and plasma chemistry of trimethylboron and triethylboron in CVDMewlude Imam


14.00-14.15 Pulsed PECVD of SnS nanowalls using a metal-organic single source precursor

Charlotte Ruhmlieb


14.15-14.30 [Zn(eeki)2]: A multipurpose precursor for the deposition of zinc oxide thin films

David Zanders


Plasma Processes (Spegelsalen, Chair: Angel Yanguas-Gil)


In-situ removal and treatment of thin films by Ar plasma using RF substrate biasing

Agnieszka Kurek


13.15-13.30 µ-Plasma assisted ALD at atmospheric pressure of thin TiO2 layers

Alquin Stevens


13.30-13.45Plasma enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of aluminium sulphide

Jakob Kuhs


13.45-14.00 Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of tungstentrioxide thin films using (tBuN)2(Me2N)2W and O2 plasma

Shashank Balasubramanyam


14.00-14.15 Plasma CVD of first row transition metals with plasma electrons as reducing agents

Hama Nadhom


14.15-14.30Investigating plasma-enhanced ALD of Bi2O3 as a step towards ALD of ternary photoabsorbers for solar water splitting

Matthias Müller


Nanostructured Materials (Crusellhallen, Chair: Martin Magnusson)

15.00-15.15ALD deposition of Fe2O3 doped SnO2 as conversion anode for Li-ion batteries

Jeroen Kint


15.15-15.30 Vapor-Liquid-Solid Growth of SnO2 and β-Ga2O3 Nanowires by AP-CVD Utilizing Alternate Source Supply and Their Photoluminescence Properties

Tomoaki Terasako


15.30-15.45 Atomic layer deposition of titanium oxide on single layer graphene: an atomic scale study towards understanding nucleation and growth

Ivo Utke


15.45-16.00 XeF2 etching of silicon using ALD films as etch stop layers

Oili Ylivaara


16.00-16.15WS2 Chemical Vapor Deposition with WF6 and H2S: influence of the substrate

Yoann Tomczak


16.15-16.30 Atmospheric pressure plasma enhanced CVD of nanocomposite coatings in the "silicon dioxide (matrix)-MoS2 particles" system

Kirill Tiurikov


Photoactive Films (Spegelsalen, Chair: Claire Carmalt)

15.00-15.15 Thermographic phosphors: Eu doped ZrO2 by MOCVDStefanie Heib


15.15-15.30 Anti-reflection and biocidal coatings by flame assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition

Heather Yates


15.30-15.45 Atomic layer deposition of Zn(O,S) buffer layers in potassium fluoride post-deposition treated Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells Fredrik Larsson


15.45-16.00 Atomic layer deposition for the growth of photocatalytically active titanium dioxide films doped with silver and tin

Harry Manley


16.00-16.15 Atomic layer deposition of transparent and conductive F-doped SnOx without HF

Goran Bacic


16.15-16.30 ALD of Electron Transport Layers for Perovskite Solar CellsIan Povey












































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