Program Wednesday

Program Wednesday, June 14

Main Session V (Crusellhallen, Chair: Mats Boman)

09.00-09.30 The role of surface reactivity on the coating of 3D substrates and nanostructured materials in CVD and ALD

Angel Yanguas-Gil


09.30-09.45 In situ characterization of Pt nanoparticle ALD using synchrotron-based grazing incidence small angle x-ray scattering

Jolien Dendooven


09.45-10.00 Mapping the evolution of TiO2 nanostructures in atomic layer deposition on high-surface-area substrates: from amorphous nanoparticles to anatase nanorods

Damiano La Zara


10.00-10.15 Effects of oxygen, nitrogen and fluorine sources on the formation of α- and β-phase Tungsten films by hot-wire assisted ALD

Alexey Kovalgin


Main Session VI (Crusellhallen, Chair: Mats Boman)

10.45-11.15 Nucleation mechanisms for Chemical Vapor Deposition and Atomic Layer Deposition of 2D semiconductor materials

Annelies Delabie


11.15-11.30 Ab initio modelling for understanding PECVD of silicon carbide and the routes towards ALD.

Ekaterina Filatova


11.30-11.45 A systematic approach for CVD modeling

Örjan Danielsson


11.45-12.00 Reactive molecular dynamics simulations of metallic Cu and Cu oxides ALD

Xiao Hu


Metals Deposition (Crusellhallen, Chair: Anjana Devi)

13.00-13.15 Growth of 3D silver-silica hybrid nanoflowers by metastable atomic layer deposition

Mario Ziegler


13.15-13.30 Pinning noble metal plasmonic structures

Peter Gordon


13.30-13.45 The production of titania-silver nanocomposites as a biomedical material

Piotr Piszczek


13.45-14.00 In Situ IR Spectroscopic Investigation of Thermal and Plasma-Enhanced ALD of Pt: Temperature Dependency of the Growth Rate

Michiel Van Daele


14.00-14.15 Towards Gold Metal Deposition by Thermal ALD: Quartz Crystal Microbalance Screening of Potential Processes Using Novel Gold Precursors

Matthew Griffiths


14.15-14.30 Nucleation, growth, and area-selective deposition of metallic ruthenium using an ABC-type atomic layer deposition process Adrie Mackus


Modelling (Spegelsalen, Chair: Simon Elliott)

13.00-13.15 Chemical Processes Involved in Atomic Layer Deposition of Gallium Sulfide: Insights from Theory

Nathanaelle Schneider


13.15-13.30 3D Monte Carlo model for simulation of ALD on complex substrates

Véronique Cremers


13.30-13.45 Thin film conformality analysis with microscopic all-silicon lateral high aspect ratio structures

Riikka Puurunen


13.45-14.00 The hydrogen content in Al2O3 and TiO2 reveals growth mechanisms: use of deuterium as a tracer

Carlos Guerra


14.00-14.15 Reformation of analytical method for surface reaction kinetics on CVD based on the Microcavity method

Yuichi Funato


14.15-14.30 What structural characteristics define a “proper” ALD reaction network model?

Raymond Adomaitis


Transition Metal Containing Films (Crusellhallen, Chair: Maarit Karppeinen)

15.00-15.15 Low-temperature chemical vapor deposition of cobalt oxide from a novel dicobaltatetrahedrane precursor

Colin Georgi


15.15-15.30 Novel cobalt ketoiminate complexes as potential precursors for chemical vapor deposition of cobalt oxide thin films

Dennis Zywitzki


15.30-15.45 Organometallic precursors for gas phase deposition processes

Heinrich Lang


15.45-16.00 Synthesis and evaluation of new copper ketoiminates as potential precursors for atomic vapor deposition of copper oxide thin films Sarah Karle


16.00-16.15 Area selective Ru ALD for sub 7 nm bottom-up metal interconnects

Ivan Zyulkov


16.15-16.30 The rational design and thermal characteristics of potential ALD precursors Zack Dubrawski


Nitride Films (Spegelsalen, Chair: Nicolas Blasco)

15.00-15.15 Novel atomic layer deposition process of boron nitride based on polymer derived ceramic route: a new chemical approach

Wenjun Hao


15.15-15.30 Microstructural investigation of CVD titanium aluminium nitride coatings

Olof Bäcke


15.30-15.45 Low-temperature synthesis and properties of h-BN nanowalls with different structure

Ivan Merenkov


15.45-16.00 CVD of sp2-BN on Si (111) substrates

Laurent Souqui


16.00-16.15 Properties of superconducting niobium nitride films fabricated by atomic layer deposition

Sebastian Goerke


16.15-16.30 Exchange reaction in-situ monitored during the coating of V-VI topological insulating semiconductors by Atomic Layer Deposition

Christoph Wiegand













































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