Welcome to the Joint EuroCVD 21 – Baltic ALD 15 Conference Linköping, Sweden, 11 – 14 June, 2017, Co-organized with the COST action HERALD.



Abstract submission is now open. Abstracts can be submitted by following the “Abstract Submission” link in the menu. Topics for this conference include:


  • Precursors (design, synthesis and delivery)
  • Modelling (surface, gas phase, thermo chemistry, quantum chemistry, multi scale)
  • Process Equipment (reactors)
  • Energy Enhanced processes (Plasma, Hot wire, Photon)
  • Nanomaterials (particles, 2D-materials, nano structures)
  • In-situ monitoring (QCM, Ellipsometry, IR, syncrotron)
  • Oxides (TCO, high-k, hard coatings, thermal barriers)
  • Nitrides (semiconductors, conductors, hard coatings)
  • Carbides (hard coatings, semiconductors)
  • Elemental films (metals, amorphous carbon)
  • Emerging materials (hybrid MLD/ALD, sulfides)



The meeting will be organized at the Konsert och Kongress venue in the heart of the city with walking distance to all hotels. Linköping is easily reached via direct flights from Amsterdam, alternatively via Stockholm Arlanda airport just two hours by train.


For the Sunday Tutorial there will be buses departing from "Konsert och Kongress" at 12:30 to bring you to Campus Valla where the Tutorials are given.


Registration opens at "Konsert och Kongress" 12:00 on Sunday the 11th of June.


Organizing Committee:


Henrik Pedersen, Linköping University, Chair

Jonas Sundqvist, BALD Engineering / Fraunhofer IKTS

Sean Barry, Carleton University

Mats Boman, Uppsala University










Co-organized with the COST action HERALD











































Henrik Pedersen


Postal address:

Linköpings Universitet

Henrik Pedersen

Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM) / Chemistry (KEMI)

581 83 Linköping





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